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With summers getting more hot in Canada than ever before, the need of having an air conditioner has multiplied. Infiniti HVAC Cambridge has the solution for your comfort with a catalog of central and ductless systems from leading brands. With years of industry experience, we deliver on the promise of comfort when you need it most. Some of our service features include:

  • We have all makes and models of air conditioners
  • Our technicians are friendly and ready to help
  • We’re proud to be your local AC service team

No matter where you live or what type of home you own, you can rely on us for helping you find the right HVAC based on your space and needs. You can call us today to find out more about our air conditioner sales and repair services. We’ve got the best trained and skilled professionals who you can trust for all your cooling needs.


Emergency Repairs

If your air conditioner has stopped working or have some faults leading to cooling problems, our experts at Infiniti are right here to help troubleshoot and repair your air conditioning unit. No matter which brand HVAC system you have, we will properly diagnose your system and recommend the right repair.

  • WIs your air conditioner currently working?.
  • How long is it causing the current problem?
  • When was the last time you got it serviced?

When you call us for an emergency cooling system repair, we’ll ask you the following questions to start with the process:

You can count on us for round the clock AC repairs. Our professionals are ready to assist you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure your air conditioner works like a new one.

Installation & Service

Infiniti HVAC Cambridge has a team of trained pros having years of experience in installing new air conditioning systems the right way. We make sure your HVAC meets your cooling needs and perfectly fits the parameters of your home. With a wide catalog to choose from, we offer air conditioning installation and maintenance services throughout the Ontario. Here are some signs that ask for new air conditioner installation:

  • Your old AC needs frequent repairs
  • Repairs are greater than half the cost of new AC
  • Your air conditioner is older than 15 years
  • Your air conditioner uses R22 refrigerant

We offer regular maintenance as part of our AC services. We cover issues like loose bolts and worn fittings as a part of our maintenance package and aims to improve the system efficiency and lowers the monthly bills.

Air Conditioners Installation-&-Service

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