Whole Dehumidifier or Portable Dehumidifier- Which one is best for you?

So, you recognize that the humidity of your house is the problem? Perhaps, the level is too high for the members! But, you are not sure how to deal with such air quality or humid related problems? Wondering whether you should go for a whole dehumidifier or a portable humidifier for your house? Which one is better?

Whole Humidifier

This whole humidifier is designed to work in addition to the forced air heating and cooling system that is generally installed in the basement. This appliance extracts the excessive moisture from the indoor air and passes it through the HVAC. Do not confuse the humidifier with the dehumidifier- they are different; the former adds moisture to a really dry home.
The dehumidifier starts to condense the moisture in the liquid form and then lets it flow through the drain via the floor drain and laundry sink.

Portable Dehumidifier

This portable dehumidifier is supposed to be located in a room where you want to dehumidify the air. As the name says, it can be moved from one room to another. They make use of a fan to pull the excessively moist air in. The air then passes through the coils that work as a refrigerant, just like the air conditioner. And, as the air gets cold by the coil, most of the humidity content of the coil gets condensed. As the humidity is removed, it gets collected in the liquid form, it is collected in a removable pan or container. This pan or container is supposed to be emptied manually by hand. Whereas, some of the advanced portable dehumidifiers make use of the built-in pump to get rid of the moisture collected.

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